Levante Hosiery

Control Tops/Shapers/Body toners

Tights produced with a body section containing sufficient Lycra to provide comprehensive figure shaping in the waist, bottom or thigh area – or any combination of the three. The body section is often opaque.



Used as a guide to explain the degree to which hosiery is sheer (see through) or opaque. Less than 10 denier is classed as ‘Ultra Sheer’. Standard sheer hosiery is normally 10-20 denier. 30 denier is classed as ‘Semi-opaque’ and fully opaque hosiery would be 40 denier and above.


Denier Appearance

This term is used by hosiery manufacturers to indicate how the hosiery will look on the leg. It is used especially when yarns and knit patterns produce hosiery which doesn’t correlate with the actual denier of the yarn.



Elastane is the generic term for the stretch yarn which improves garment comfort and fit. The most common brand is Lycra©


Fibre Content

The legal declaration of the composition of the garment, excluding the waistband. Typically fibre contents include Nylon/Polyamide, Lycra®/Elastane and Cotton (often in the gusset).



The inclusion of Lycra© can improve the handle, fit, appearance and durability of a garment. Lycra© is the registered trademark of Invista fibre. Hosiery with Lycra© retains its shape for the life of the garment.


Micro fibre

A yarn made up of fine filaments where each filament is less than 1 denier, giving an exceptionally soft finish.



Nylon is a polyamide yarn that can be produced in a wide variety of deniers. It is a man-made fibre originating from petrochemicals.



The term used to describe sections of a garment that have been strengthened to provide additional durability.



Hosiery designed to improve the condition of your legs by enhancing blood circulation. Support tights are sold on compression factors. The higher the number the greater the beneficial effect. Generally 6 is light, 8 is medium and 10-12 is firm support.