About Us

About Levante USA

Founded nearly 60 years ago in the north of Italy, Levante is utterly infused with the essence of our Italian heritage. Our passion for good design, combined with technological advancements from the heart of the modern hosiery industry, allows us to create legwear that is innovative, practical, yet perfect in its simplicity. We invite you to live, love and embrace our products for yourself!

Products from Levante USA are developed by top industry experts with a true understanding of your needs. Founded after years of extensive and continuing research, our company uses only state-of-the-art fabrics and techniques to make our products. Levante USA houses a wide array of women's seamless shape-wear, hosiery, and other body accents to suit women of all ages and body sizes.

Levante USA products are one of the fastest selling in the market and are available in department stores across the US and Canada.